Never Think Small, Yours Is A Life That Matters

You Are What You Think

An astronaut who has traveled into outer space.  A deep-sea diver who has skimmed the depths of the ocean.  And a mountaineer who has scaled the heights of Mount Everest. As accomplished as each seem to be, they have nothing on you.  Never think small! 

Their experiences, as difficult, exciting and adventurous as they were, is no greater or lesser than yours. Everyone’s path to fulfillment is theirs.  And is only unique because again—it’s theirs! 

So, never feel small because you think you must bend your neck backwards to even get a glimpse of others astronomical accomplishments.  While they sail high above you in one area, you will sail high above them in another.

Mountain Climber

We all serve a purpose, and none is too small or too great when compared to the Source that brought us here. Sort of puts everybody on an even keel—uh?

But you have a choice. You may seek the path to your highest purpose, or you can choose to remain at whatever rest stops you come to along the way. Now, here’s something to think about:

Those seeking their higher purpose will find it is not always easy.  That’s just how it is with us.  You know how we roll.  We can make even the easiest things very difficult.  Instead of focusing on what we desire to experience, we focus more on what we’re afraid to experience.  There’s no additional energy required to do either, BUT it sure feels like it!  Nothing feels more draining than worrisome thoughts.

Think Your Way To More

“Where  would I be now if…?”  “I showed them how to do that, but I should have done it…”  “Have I settled for less than I know I can be or do?” and finally, “This is such a big set-back, I’m afraid I’ll never get past it!”

These thoughts are much harder to maintain when resting–not advancing or giving up, then any thoughts one carries while continuing their path to higher purpose.  My question to you is this.

Why be burdened with a load while going nowhere? You will have concerns, doubts, and frustrations whether you’re sitting still or on the move.  The only thing keeping you where you are, is what

Think Differently

you think about, and when and how you react.  And the only thing that will take you where you want to go is to think differently. 

Once you learn to think on purpose and with clarity, you will take inspired action only when you’re beliefs and desires are in alignment!

If you’re okay with where you are then that’s fine. But if you are not okay with it then you’re playing one or all of these dis-empowering beliefs games: 

The Blame Game; the I’m Not Good Enough Game, or the I Don’t Know Enough Game. In other words, you are playing the I’m Playing Myself Game! These are not fun games to play, and if more people would stop playing them, we would have a much safer, kinder and more beautiful world. Play around with that thought—it just might get you moving again!

As for me, I choose higher purpose every time! Yeah, I’m a glutton for challenges, but I’m up for them.  And if you haven’t guessed already, it will be my pleasure to walk with you at some point along the path to higher purpose! ~ Yvonne L. Jones


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