Why Resolutions Often Fail

Having Resolutions Can Make It Hard To Move Forward

For most people, every year’s ending seems to bring with it a mixed bag of emotions.  We often look back at the year and see all the things we did not accomplish. Then we minimize or completely ignoring all the things we did!  It’s no wonder most feel a bit unsettled when approaching the end-of-the-year holidays.  It can be stressful, even fearful reviewing one’s failed resolutions in life.

New Years Resolution List

A year in a life is not a lifetime, so why do we measure our successes or failures by this benchmark? Why do we long for what was or what could have been and dismiss what is happening in our lives right now?  Is it beneficial to believe that what’s happening right now is less important than some past or future event?  Sure, you may have missed the mark on certain endeavors, but that doesn’t mean you will never check those things off your bucket list!

As I thought more about the reasons we attach ourselves to failed resolutions, the Biblical story of Lot’s wife instantly popped into my head.   Just as Lot’s wife, we sometimes long to relive a past that no longer exist. We get stuck bemoaning what was instead of what can be. There’s the risk of becoming a barren salted wasteland where nothing living (new aspirations and desires) ever grows.  Except, for maybe pillars of salt.  

Salt Dunes

If Your Resolutions Bind You, Drop Them

No one truly moves forward while looking backwards.  There are few options available for those seeking present days to resemble past times. One option is to miss out on the abundance life currently has in store for them.  Receiving abundance is a present-tense and not a past-tense action.  Abundance cannot be salted down and preserved in the attempt to make a desired moment (past or present) last forever.  

Why not?  Well, because abundance is already abundantly existing!  Turning your back to the past means you recognize what was done there is over.  Looking and taking a step forward means you are willing to accept the next new adventure in your life. These were steps Lot’s wife could or would not take.  And we all know what happened to her…I’m just saying.

Envision & Uplift Your Desires

You don’t have to wait for a year to roll around, for the timing to be perfect, for your understanding and awareness to be at its highest level.   Nor do you need the best and the brightest visionaries to lift you up and pull you along. 

Best of all, you don’t have to keep adding the same items to your bucket list year after year!  It’s not like they’ll fall out of your bucket of desires, be blown away by the winds of change and never be envisioned again!  

They’re still there, waiting patiently for you to dust the salt off!  Then you can appreciate what was and look forward with optimism for what’s to come!

The Next Step
Bucket List

Resolve To Be Happy--It's The Best Resolution Ever!

Of course you already know salt is a natural preservative and flavor enhancer.  But did you know salt was so valuable that it was also used as a form of currency back in the day?  Preservative, enhancer or currency, I’m sure you realize too much of it makes a once delectable edible untouchable!   And who wants to consume, buy or trade more salt then is needed? It’s not like it’s a rare commodity these days, right?  

Again, balance in all things is best.  So shake the salt gingerly!  Then you won’t have to agonize over whether you need to go back and fix that one-time tasty life event!  To the best of your ability, resolve to enjoy and live the best life ever! Because nothing else really matters until you do.  ~Yvonne L. Jones

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