When Every Way Seems Like The Wrong Way

Is The Wrong Way Really Wrong?

“You got confused and ended up going the wrong way!  Everybody does.  Try something different next time.”  “No one could have foreseen that happening!”  “Maybe the timing was all wrong.” “Are you sure you researched that well enough?”  “Well, maybe it’s just not for you.”  

Can you imagine being lost with every turn you take?  Or having every navigational device at your disposal, but they all malfunction?  After a while, it would be easy to believe someone or something is sabotaging your efforts.  Try as you might, there appears no way to out maneuver or out distance the next detour in your life!   Talk about feeling like a sitting duck waiting to be hit again with another WRONG WAY! sign.  It’s exhausting existing in this way. Not to mention depressing. 

Duck Shoot
Wrong Way

No one enjoys feeling defeated at every turn, and yet many of us do. There’s a desire we’d love to realize, and usually there’s a plan in place.  We’re dedicated to taking the necessary steps to bring this desire into physical reality. There’s the understanding that it may not always be easy going.  But we do expect to get things rolling in the right direction at some point.  

The Fork In The Road

Then comes the proverbial “fork” in the road and we’re no longer sure of which way to go.  Both ways seem doable.  And our most reliable sources have agreed with us concerning the do-ability of each path.  But they are just as divided concerning the best way to go.

Let Your Inner Guide Lead The Way

Have you gathered all the information you can?  Did you recheck your options and hold counsel with others you trust?  If so, then there’s nothing more you can do except to take that walk (some say leap) of faith!  Notice I said to walk and not tip-toe, run, leap, stumble or be pushed into action?  It’s never what you feel scared into doing, but what you feel led into doing that’s more beneficial.

To Feel led or guided into doing what’s important to you is the best way to move forward.  There’s no stress or fear involved with following one’s inner guidance.  Actually, it’s like a trustworthy advisor who has gone ahead, peeped out the terrain and gives you a thumbs up!  When led in this way, you  feel enthusiastic and excited about taking the next step. And it won’t matter if you’re not 100% certain it’s the perfect 

Leaving The Past Behind

step for you!  You will take that faith walk based on how right it feels and not because you fear disaster!

Have you chosen a path that seems like the wrong way?  Don’t worry, you’re not stuck treading ground that will only lead you to an undesired destination. Neither are you lost or forsaken. On the contrary!  As you learn to walk with purpose and faith, you will take one new step after another.  Each new step changes your path’s direction.  And before you know it, you will have arrived at that special place you desired to be.  So, fear not and walk on! ~ Yvonne L. Jones

You Are Not Lost
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