What If Life Is…?

The Bad, The Good And The Best Things In Life

Sometimes life can seem bullish like the Stock Market.  When it feels as if we have life by the horns, we think we know what our bull is all about!   After all, we are experiencing the best things in life.  Everything is going our way and we’ve somehow acquired the Midas touch.  

We easily push, pull or prod our bull in the direction we want it to go.  Life gets better…for a time.  However, those horns can quickly crumble in our grasp. 

When they do, life morphs into that stubborn, disagreeable bear everyone tries to avoid.  Our grip on the best things in life slips away and we can no longer control anything!  

Not only do we lose control over material things, but we also lose our sense of direction, confidence, and joy!

We move from an upwardly mobile bullish life to an obstinate, bearish one.  We’ve all experienced the best bull ride, that bad bear scare, and those good stable moments in between.

But can we ever maintain a secure hold on the easy, unobstructed life we believe is the best experience?  And if not, then what is this life stuff really all about? Is life as volatile and difficult to manage as the Stock Market?

Where’s the beef when we want it, and how do we bully the bear?   I mean just look at it.  That bear is not going anywhere anytime soon! So how do we shake the bear if we have a bull we desire to ride?

Know Your Market

Forget about shaking the bear.  Instead, learn to co-exist with it because it’s not likely to move out of your way quickly. The bear is there for a reason, and it’s easier to find out why. Ignoring or antagonizing it will only make that discovery more difficult, maybe even dangerous! Remember the last time you went head-to-head with a bearish obstacle?  Exactly! 

I believe both the bullish and bearish aspects of life are necessary. There are lessons to be learned from both.  Imagine how routine (boring) your life will be if you opt to keep all aspects of it the same.  You’d be contained, corralled, penned within a particular environment, time or circumstance. 

I hope you never imagine doing such a thing!  Why? Because you wouldn’t have room enough or even the gumption to grow! You’d become accustomed to the limitations your bullpen has to offer. And how many others would choose to stay confined indefinitely in a  pen with you!  I’m just asking!

In reference to the bear, you may imagine yourself wanting the opposite.  That is, for the bear to leave your pen so you can get on with moving around inside of it. But you’ll have similar results with the bull.  Within that same enclosure, you’re still limited by what you can do.  The bear may leave and the bull may return.   

Either way, you’re still stuck inside with no additional room to grow.   Keeping your bull or bear in a particular place and moving at a certain pace is not easy. You’ll expend a great deal of effort leading and coercing one, or run yourself ragged trying to out-maneuver and out-wit the other!

Managing Your Life Dividends

When you’re focused more on pulling your bull around  or outsmarting your bear, you may miss those beneficial serendipitous moments. These moments are always unfolding around you, waiting for you to acknowledge and then utilize them.  There are many things in life (ideas, products, habits, talents, etc.) that align themselves within a common gravitational pull.

The common denominator that pulls things is us!  At any given moment we can grow in love or hate, wisdom or foolishness, fear or fearlessness, patience or haste. We can act like a victim of life or be victorious over circumstance life presents. The choice is always up us!  Based on the choices we make and the actions taken, we pull all “things” to us. 

My point is this, we don’t have to pull the bull or bushwhack the bear! However, it’s understandable why we believe that we must. We have been inundated with the idea that only the forceful, influential, or cunning survive and prosper. But this simply is not true.

Remember Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chavez, Betty Williams, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King? The list of loving, peaceful, and courageous PSIs–People Stock Investors, is more inclusive than the investors I’ve listed here.  And that’s a good thing because we each benefit from these types of high-yield stock options!

Investing In Your Personal Stock Options

PSIs have a nonaggressive stance.  Yet they are bullish and bearish, but only in their means to promote love, awareness, and co-existence within the PSM–the People Stock Market. To PSI all shares and dividends (high or low-yielding ones) are viewed as important to the market as a whole.  Actually, it’s the perfect stock option to invest in!

Think about it. The only way to one-up peace, love, and understanding is to be more loving, peaceful, and understanding! In this way, no one is left out and everyone benefits.

It is awareness and understanding that survive while force, influence, and trickery are overthrown by one with more of the same tactics. Do some market research and review a brief stretch of our history.  Have you noticed that far too many of us lose out under the latter trade option?

What If Life Is Meant To Be Bullish & Bearish?

When life for you is bullish, bearish, or somewhere in between, don’t get nervous about losing everything.  Nor should you feel despair if you have yet to realize your dreams. You can learn to better understand and love your way through the process.

Love and understanding never diminish another in order to grow. Yeah, that’s what this life stuff is really all about, growing in awareness and love in spite of it all! If you opt to invest more in love, awareness, and understanding commodities, your People Stock Portfolio will yield much more growth for you and nurture others as well!

So, hug that bear instead of running or hiding from it, and pet that bull instead of pulling or pushing on it. Why wouldn’t you try incorporating these highly effective PSM techniques into your life?  You’ll never have to worry about losing out because you bought too high and sold too low.  Or that you’ll just break even and avoid losing your shirt–your covering.  Love and understanding cover everything!  And that’s no bull! ~ Yvonne L. Jones


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