Vibrational Beings Vibrate To Their Own Beat

How Vibrational Beings Manage Their Beat

There’s no denying it, we are vibrational beings existing in a vibrational universe. Nothing but vibration exist all around and through us!  We see vibration as colors and shapes; hear it as sound, and feel it as physical sensations and emotions. We receive and transmit vibration through thought, voice, physical contact, and emotional expression.  

So what better way to make our own personal vibes known to others than to beat our vibrational drum for a bit–right?  There’s rarely a time when we don’t become aware of something that is life-changing, inspiring, interesting, or new to us. And when a new awareness vibrates within us, sometimes we can’t help but vibrate more intensely.  There’s an unstoppable urge to beat our drum a little more than softly.

At first, we beat our drums out of sheer excitement and because it feels and sounds so good to us.  But eventually, the desire to share this new vibe/beat with others is impossible to contain.   Naturally, we want them to enjoy the sound and feel of this new beat just as we do. 

So we beat our drum in this new way for a bit.  And for good measure, we’ll throw in a few dance moves in case others are not sure how to interpret what they are hearing and feeling. We need to ensure they feel it!  Surely they will be moved by it just as much as we are.  Without a doubt, some will be moved by your beat.

How We Sometimes Kill A Vibe

Then there are those who will not enjoy, fully understand, or even want to hear our beautiful new vibration.  What do we do next if our intention is to help (more like make) them hear and understand our new beat?

Well, naturally we crank up the volume!  Apparently, they can’t hear or feel the beat because if they could, they would love and understand it!  Yeah! It’s just that awesome!

However, we are now beating them over the head with our new drum beat.  And still, they are no closer to enjoying, understanding, or “feeling it” than they were the first time we shared it with them! Does this mean they are tune deaf, or

vibrationally handicapped? No, it’s more likely than not that it simply means we each hear, feel, and move to a beat that deeply resonates with us.

There’s nothing wrong with our vibrational beat and there is nothing wrong with there’s. Therefore, is there any benefit to brow beating, belittling, criticizing, or judging another’s beat, song, or dance? Instead, we should be mindful of one another and beat our drums softly because others are often dancing to a different beat–their own!  But in our acceptance of their beat, maybe one day they might “feel it” and join us in our happy dance!  May the beat always gently move and vibrationally support you.  ~Yvonne L. Jones


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