The Steps We Take, The Dance We Make

Recognize The Steps You Take

I started on this writer’s path years ago.  And at first I was oblivious to the steps I’d taken to be on this path.  Without knowing how or why, I’d somehow stumbled upon the most beautiful, profound and empowering gems!  

It felt like I was always walking or standing on revelations, and running with new ideas in tow.  I would often find myself dancing with desires and playing tag with passions.  Each step, each encounter would lead me to a new gem.  

I discovered buckets full of revelation rubies, desire diamonds, passion pearls and illuminating iolites. It was happening so fast, until my jewelry chest was full and on the brink of over flowing!

It’s a wonderful thing to be full like that, but I had to find a viable medium for sharing all this good stuff!  If not, there  would have been a huge Yvonne

Magical Book

explosion.  I knew that wouldn’t be the prettiness or the easiest means for sharing.   And since I couldn’t hold it–keep it all to myself, this place became the perfect vehicle for sharing!   

I finally realized writing was no longer just an enjoyable pastime for me.  There was no other choice except to acknowledge it as an undeniable life path.   So, here I am, sharing and hopefully helping others.  

Your Steps Will Lead, Follow Or Abandon Others

As I pondered the steps it took to bring me here, a deeper understanding of our oneness took root.  The idea of us being separate/apart, that everyone be single mindedly self-focused felt counter productive.  Some may argue that if they are to acquire the things they desire in life, they’ll have to do whatever it takes.  And it doesn’t matter who gets stepped on in the process.  But for me, acquiring my desires has always been facilitated through co-creative interactions with others.  It was through those who encouraged me to grow.   As well as those who offered the opportunities that helped me move beyond certain obstacles.

Because of this revelation, I was literally pushed into putting it all out there, to exposing more of myself to others.  But it felt like the most nature thing to do, this opening up.   Why wouldn’t I share what has helped me overcome certain obstacles and to grow into a happier, well rounded me?   After all, don’t we each desire the same things—to be happy and to enjoy life? 

However, sometimes in our pursuit of happiness, Life appears to have other plans for us. I’m sure you know how it feels to miss that spot marked “Happiness and Fulfillment–Right Here!”  We all do.  Whether it’s through much observation or personal experience, most of us have come to accept we will experience contrast in life.

Charting Your Steps

There will be joys and pains, lose and gain, struggle and ease. We will do things we’ll regret or be very pleased with.  From the most painful to the euphoric, we run the gamut when it comes to “stepping” experiences.  And yet the most frustrating of them all is that feeling of being stuck.  Not being able to step at all is the most baffling, unexpected experience we can have.  Why?  Maybe we’re not designed to be “stuck” and that’s why it’s so unsettling when we feel that we are?

Think about it.  Our natural state of being is that of constant growth.  And it doesn’t matter how monumental or insignificant that growth appears to be. We’re always stepping to the next benchmark, reaching for the next level.   And we’re doing so whether we realize it or not.  Don’t believe me?  Remember yourself as a baby and recall what you were able to do at that time in your life.

Now look at yourself again, but this time recall all that you’ve done since infancy till today.  Take note of the smallest of things you were able to do. From sucking a bottle, to cooking your own meals.  Even if it was just fried eggs!  These accomplishments may seem minor to you now, but your survival hinged on these “minor” advancements.

Our evolution isn’t a stagnant process.  Though sometimes it can appear to move as slow as cold molasses!   But just as quickly it can zip forward at the speed of light.  These evolutionary steps do not happen on their own accord as if through happenstance or luck.   There is a catalyst, a driving force that propels  it.  And you may have already guessed what that force is. 

Toddler Feeding Herself

If You Are One With The Force, The Force Steps With You

We are part of that force.  It is our awareness and intention which lays the track and our desires which propels our  evolutionary  locomotive along it.  As individual engineers operating within this co-creative train yard of existence, we’ll always have our hands on the switch.   We can slow our evolutionary train down to a snail’s crawl.  Move it along at the slow study pace of a tortoise.  Or speed blindly ahead like an impatient jack rabbit!

Remember World War One?  We advanced to that.  How about those wonderful achievements during the Renaissance Age? We made those happen too.   The Space Age? I know it started out as a race against another, but we eventually changed some of our focus and began testing our true limitlessness.  Yeah, we did that.  And do you remember the death tolls in the Ukraine or Rwanda? Well, unfortunately we did those too.

For better or worse, we control how and when we advance.  When our collective consciousness gambles selfishly, if we invest more in the “us against them” mentality, we facilitate horrific step experiences.  From wars, famines, religious persecutions, to subjugation of people, deadly epidemics and environmental disasters.  But when our collective consciousness begins to develop a “they are us” mentality, we experience a plethora of advances.  From improvements in health and social services, housing and transportation, conservation, farming and much more.

We find a way to advance, become lethargic and then slip into inertia. Here’s how the dance steps we make look in action: Through vision we Chi Chi forward. Advancement is so exciting, we take a huge, dizzying spin around our awesomeness! Afterwards, we’re so dizzy, we forget our cause, the thing that moved us to Chi Chi in the first place. Eventually, we fall–passing out on the dance floor. Dance over!

The Wobble Dance

Spin Top

Our focus is somewhat like a spinning top that eventually loses its momentum.  If we’re not kick-started at the appropriate time, we’ll fall at a place further away from our initial point of advancement.  I call this cycle humanity’s Two Steps Forward One Step Back Wobble Dance.  Even though I recognize this cycle we repeat, I’m unclear as to which step (if any) we should eliminate.  

Should we hold back, bridle our creativity, talents and gifts?  Do we wait as we over analyze any future implications these advancements may have for us?  Would transferring the awe of our greatness to the greatness of it all stem the inertia and eliminate the fall that follows?

And what if the fall never takes place?  Will we then lack the gumption, the desire to be bold, to dream and to build upon prior failures or successes?  Could the fear of falling/failing badly cause us to wonder in the desert as we watch our footprints disappear in the sand?  Or do we need to be exposed to all these contrasting experiences to fully evolve?

Do we get bogged down with endless assumptions, inadequate proposals and pointless debates concerning every life scenario imaginable? Are too many talking heads the main reason we miss that happy medium? 

Yeah, I think so too.   But I also think all that’s required of us is to stimulate and ignite that tiny, inner spark of awareness. 

Then we will better understand what awakening really is.  And no, awakening is not something we do prior to getting

out of bed in the mornings and going about  our daily routine.

To be truly awakened elevates us all and is worth being because it’s so essential for our continued growth and survival.

We Are Uniquely One

Though we are unique and individually tailored, our journeys are not separate.  All living things are connected in many ways.   When the smallest of beings move forward (or backwards) another is pulled along, and then another and another.  But we don’t often see this intricate connection.  Sometimes we focus too much on our perceptions of actions benefiting or harming only us–self.   The more “self” focuses mainly on self, the smaller more restrictive and fearful self becomes.  This type of self obsession benefits no one, and has the potential to harm many.

We exist within a contrasting and magical Universe.  It changes and yet it is constant–consistent as if governed by certain rules.   Rules or not, it’s always in a state of change.   It evolves while utilizing individual components of itself to advance the whole of itself!  Pretty cool uh?  For instance, a magnificent star dies with a brilliant big bang. It releases many components of itself and in time, other bodies (planets, moons, asteroids and being like us!) are formed from these parts.  Celestial bodies, like the Sun, Earth and Moon, attract each other with an equal and opposite force.

Each celestial body within our Universal system maintains its own unique space while also maintaining its connection to other celestial bodies.  And for the most part, they manage to do so without incinerating, colliding or ripping each other apart!  Now isn’t that a grand example of dancing in step and in harmony? From the tiny atom to the massive Super Nova, each shares the same building materials.  Each contributes to this universal dance and yet they are distinctively different in both form and function.  Does this remind you of any other bodies busting a move? ☺

Stepping Together

I hope the excitement for sharing my gems is catching.  I’m so into sharing them!  Well…technically they’re not “my” gems.  They are just as much yours.  And whereas I cannot cause you to understand or appreciate these gems–I can’t even interpret them for you! But I can present them to you as they were presented to me.

If you get a sense of my passion for passing these gems along, then maybe we can begin an honest and ongoing dialogue.  One concerning our individual uniqueness and oneness.  Maybe we can begin bridging the gaps.  Or diminishing those mental lapses we are prone to having when we get out of step with one another.  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if by doing so we advance our individual and collective worlds forward in the best possible way?  Okay get ready, I’m throwing a profoundly simple paradox at you, and you can step-dance around or with it!  I, you, we, are the catalyst for change and that will never change.~ Yvonne L. Jones

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