The Attraction Factor Uncensored & Unplugged! “How We Really Make Sh*t Happen!

Why We Get What We Do

A popular Law of Attraction advocate produced a list of over 100 beliefs that can sabotage one’s success.  When I read about this list I instantly thought, “Really, what the…?”  Who wants to invest energy analyzing 10 probable self-sabotaging beliefs let alone over 100?

Why go through the pain of hashing up all of those disempowering beliefs when in actuality there is only ONE core belief sabotaging success? No one has to guess about that one because we already know what it is.  It’s the belief

that we will not for whatever reason, get what we want.  Sort of wraps things up with a tidy little bow, doesn’t it?   One bow pulling together all of those other so-called beliefs.  

Let’s say you begin incubating a desire to have more money and you’re into the idea of it actually happening for you.  Initially, you are confident and in agreement with what you desire, know, and feel about money. Example:

“Having more money is possible; after all, I’ve generated more money before and there’s no reason why I can’t do it again. I’m already enjoying the idea of experiencing how it feels having more money at my disposal.”

But then you begin focusing more on your current situation, which does not resemble your desires at all. You’re staring at a small mountain of unpaid bills, your car needs major maintenance and your refrigerator is about to stop running soon—no joke. So what happens next?  The following is what usually happens.

Here it is in semi-cowpoke terminology.  We opt not to hitch our desire-laden wagon to the more stable, up-lifting, “There is more than enough and I can share in the abundance already in reserve for me!” post/condition.  Instead, we lean more heavily on our current not-so-stable, “Woe is me, I’m lacking everything and I’m stuck with not enough!” post/condition. 

 Worse, we often escalate things to the point of all-most-no-return by believing it will be an impossible struggle to hold onto the little we do have.  We literally stop ourselves from envisioning having more. Is there anything else more depressing about this lack of stuff?  Sure it is.  It’s when we convince ourselves it’s not “logical” to believe we have within us the ability to change things, that things can and will be better.

Lack of money or anything else seems to literally choke the life out of our desires.  As a consequence, we become even more doubtful of things ever turning around. Instead of incubating, holding onto, and feeding the joy and excitement of having more than just enough and all the good things we can do with more than just enough, we do the opposite.  We begin incubating unsubstantiated beliefs as to why we will not have more. Examples:

Belief #1. “But I can’t figure out how I’ll ever get the amount of money I need.”
Belief #2. “But nobody will help me, they never do.”
Belief #3. But it will take additional money for me to make more money.”
Belief #4. “But I’ll have to work harder and longer than ever before.”
Belief #5. “But maybe more money is not in my future right now.”
Belief #6. But I’m not that good at managing more money. I might blow it on the wrong things.”
Belief #7. Others always get to have what they want, but not me.”

Now ask yourself, are these facts etched in stone (remember, stone can be broken…I’m just saying), or are they merely temporary beliefs coming from fear? Most of the people I know–myself included, would never desire to acquire the complete opposite of what they know to be true or even slightly possible. The fact that we even have desired thoughts in the first place means it’s also possible (in some way, or somehow) to have or be the thing we thought about.

For instance, I know for a fact that I will not suddenly grow feathered wings and fly like a bird. However, if flying is the thing I desire to do, there are several more doable means of flight.  I can fly in either a hot air balloon, an airplane, a helicopter, or a hang glider. What slams shut the proverbial door to any desire is not the gloom and doom beliefs that our desires are impossible to attract.  No, what does slam the door is one’s inability to be open and more flexible to there being more than one way to skin a cat–sort of speak.  

There are unlimited ways that can lead one to their desires.  And to everyone’s relief, none of those ways include harming a cat in the process. 

In my humble opinion, none of the beliefs above are grounded in fact.  They are simply fears or attempts to rationalize why one is currently experiencing less than one desires.  Maybe these beliefs are relied upon to help cushion the impact of an impending failure.  In our desire for quick relief, we can get too comfortable working within the Lack of Accomplishment.  We sometimes give up before fine-tuning our focus on a thing desired. 

Contrary to popular belief, we always, always, operate within what I’ve called the Focus Factor. However, it doesn’t mean we always enjoy, love, or agree with the stuff we focus on.  But rest assured, whether the outcome is good or bad, done deliberately or unawares–I, you, we do all of the focusing on the things we manifest every bit of the time! 

Doesn’t it seem the way a large majority of us feel about money makes it the numero uno manifesting detractor? The more we think about not having enough of it, the more we seem to not receive enough of it. So, let’s try an experiment shall we? Let’s take the subject of money and do one or two things with it for only ONE DAY! Come on now, most people can do anything non-life threatening for one day.

Let’s take the idea of this often hard-to-get thing and soften it up a bit.  As it pertains to money, only think about how wonderful you feel when everything is going your way. All your bills are paid on time or paid off.  Your savings account is fat and healthy.  You can help others in need with ease, and even splurge a bit for that special something you want.

DO NOT concern yourself with how or when all this will come about. Simply use that vivid imagination of yours just as you do when you’re thinking about a love interest, delicious food, great sex…need I go on? Activate that unlimited child-like imagination that makes you feel like a Superman or Superwoman who can accomplish anything. And since you are this advanced super being who can accomplish anything you desire, you can also opt to not think about money at all. In fact, why would you waste your awesome energy thinking endless about something you can easily have? Who does that? See, I’ve already forgotten that you use to do that.  You should too! ☺

Here’s what you do whenever some villainous thought comes along and tosses kryptonite at your new awareness about money.   Activate your eternal, internal force field and laser blast that sucker! Blow it into oblivion with what you know to be true, and then calmly go about your super being day.

I’m double daring you to try this!  Note: You do know that some people respond to a dare much quicker than to truth. Of course, I am not saying you’re one of those people.

WARNING!If you are daring enough to take this on for one day, you may feel the need to explain yourself to others.  For instance, why you are having uncontrollable bouts of giggles. Why your smiles are now covering the entire bottom half of your face?  And why serene calmness is radiating from your super beingness.  

Ignore the need to explain and simply state the obvious. You’re having happy thoughts! Because most will not believe you are no longer the same “Clark Kent” or “Kristin Wells” (that frail, stumbling, unaware part-human being) they knew yesterday. They can’t see the real you, the super being you’ve become aware of and activated. 

Hint: Only other super beings will peep you because they already know how super beings roll.

When we have desires that are incubating (in the gestational phase) it’s wise to care for and nurture them appropriately.  They will need the best foods of thought, and enough time to come to fruition. No woman ever conceives in one moment and delivers a healthy, viable infant the very next day.

Not one apple seed planted in futile ground and under the best conditions grows to yield edible fruit in a week. Everything has a gestational phase. It’s a good thing this is the case because some of the things we incubate are NOT the things we really want. For example, to lose one’s mind or hoping a disagreeable person gets lost

and disappears from the face of the earth.  What if anyone who gets on your last nerve actually drops dead or never breathes again?  That last negative incubating thought is in a love song—for real!

Whether or not it’s a desired or undesired thing from thought, if we stay consistent with caring for, and nurturing that thing from thought, it will come to fruition. God/Source brings to us the thing we have nurtured and focused on consistently.  

This is how we manifest things and no one gets around it. We will be, have, and do what we consistently think on/incubate. There are no exceptions to this law.  None.   Do you better understand why you must tend, care for and nurture your thoughts more deliberately, and with more love than ever before?

It’s up to you to seek an answer to that question because only you can nurture your thoughts and desires. Nothing or anyone else has the power to do what you can do for you.

However, you are never alone in this endeavor. Once you have your thoughts in alignment with your desires, the forces that be will move heaven and earth to bring them to you.  

And though you may feel stuck or hindered in some way, in actuality there’s no being “stuck” in any situation. You’re simply experiencing the birth, and fruition of that which you have nurtured.  

Not enjoying your experiences?  Wouldn’t you rather manifest the things you truly desire in life? Then lovingly nurture the thought of an experience or thing you will enjoy, and in due season it will manifest in your life.  

Much like gravity, this is a law that is always at work! It doesn’t matter which type of thought you nurture (negative or positive, good or bad) you get just that!  But sometimes, if you’re very good at nurturing stuff, you get an upgraded 

the version of the thing you’ve nurtured and you received your desire at a faster rate. Yes, this is how we can really make “stuff” happen!

Would you like to learn more, and greatly increase the odds of making some really good stuff happen in your life more often? Be on the lookout for my soon-to-be-released books concerning how and why we manifest the things that we do. You’ll be astounded by the one thing you’re doing consistently to block the things you desire to manifest.~ Yvonne L. Jones  


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