Short Circuiting, Burnt Out? Then Unplug & Recharge!

Why You Must Unplug To Recharge

Are you walking through life like one of the living dead, or zoning out in the middle of an interesting conversation? 

Do you often forget your only child’s first name?  If you’re suffering from either of these ailments, more than likely you need to unplug and recharge.

It may seem counterproductive to unplug so you can recharge, but it’s the only way to get your creative juices flowing again!

Think of yourself as a two-socket electrical outlet. At one time, your two sockets were more than enough when you first begin delegating energy usage.  However, your two sockets are no longer enough for all the things you want to plug in.  

There are all these plug-ins vying for access to your energy current.   Not only must you supply enough energy for yourself, but you also have the needs and desires of others to consider.  For some, you’ll plug them into your outlet on a daily basis.   And you may not think that’s such a big deal, right? Think again!

What's Your High Demand Energy Output Rate?

Have you ever considered how much of your energy resources are in demand?  Most don’t.  There is work, family, friends, community, home, education, recreation, hobbies, and special interests plug-ins all wanting access to little ole you.  And not just for a limited amount of time or on a daily basis either.  Some will want access 24/7!  So what do you do? Well, you feel it’s time to upgrade to a power strip!  Now you won’t have to unplug one in order to plug in another.  You can leave them all plugged in all the time.   They can have access to your energy current whenever they desire.  And you don’t have to lift a pinky finger to plug them in!   Initially, it seemed like an ideal plan. 

However, we usually don’t take into consideration that at some point a few of our plug-ins will eventually upgrade.  Upgraded plug-ins need even more of our energy.  For example, little Sally is born.  Family additions (people, pets, or plants) require more mental and emotional focus, chores, and errands to run.  

Then there’s that job promotion we were so excited to get. It too places more demands on our energy resources.  For each school semester completed, for every certificate or license we strive to receive, energy is required.  In all things, there is the movement of energy.

How We Drain Our Energy

Here’s the thing.  We are more than capable of upping the number of amps we can maintain—sort of speak.   We’re designed to do just that, to evolve, increase, and handle more.   However, we are not the Energizer Bunny and cannot supply indefinite energy to others. Occasionally,  pausing all energy drains and allowing ourselves to recharge is a must.  But being excellent doers and givers, there’s a tendency for us to overwhelm our life-enhancing energy supply.  And we do so in a few ways:

  1. We fail to regulate or check our energy flow because we mostly operate on auto-pilot. We are creatures of habit and by default, we will continue to power up plug-ins. We’ll do so for days, months, or years without checking to see if we still desire to supply this energy. Or we don’t check to see if what’s plugged in even needs it!
  2. There is a need, a perceived obligation, or an obsession to be a conduit for any plug-in that asks to be powered up. Some simply cannot say no.
  3. We forget (or never knew) how important it is to tap into our energy source to recharge when needed.  

At some point, we may each find ourselves falling into any one of the above categories.  So how does one remain fully energized and happy while sharing their energy?

You Can't Power A Village On E!

First, we must come to realize that we do ourselves and others a great disservice by mismanaging our energy.  Though the intention is to help another, we sometimes stifle and drain our energy while stifling the energy of others.  Here’s how.

For us to realize our full potential, we must learn to activate, sustain and eventually increase our power supply.  But this may not happen if there is an expectation of someone else doing all the energizing for us.  There’s a very fine line between helping someone to empower themselves and hindering someone from self-empowerment.

To believe anyone must redirect their energy to help others maintain or gain more of theirs is…well, ridiculous!  What happens after one exerts a huge amount of energy in their futile attempts to do more than they should?  

They end up severely damaging one or more of their energy circuits. Now they feel burnt out, cut off, fried up, and without any joy left!  This is better known as a complete mental and/or physical breakdown.

What’s next for someone who survives an energy backdraft? They begin to feel used, abused, and then angry that they allowed it.  So before you get to this point, UNPLUG!

Re-evaluate the plug-ins tapping into your energy source.  Remove what does not need to be there and delegate others to someone else’s energy source for a while.  You just might be surprised at all the help you will receive if you ask.   After you have re-evaluated and delegated, then you need to get the heck out of Dodge!  

Release, Relax, Recharge

Go someplace beautiful, peaceful, and revitalizing!   And you don’t always have to travel to get there.  If your backyard or garden is all that, then go there!  You can be there for an hour or less, a day, a weekend, or an entire week.  Just go!  Knowing you, you’ve already taken care of everything.  And it’s not like your world is going to fall apart because you stepped out of it for a minute.  It will be there when you get back.  Here’s a great motivator.  If you fully recharge, your world will look and feel much better than it did before you left!

So there you have it! Sometimes we all need to unplug and tap into our infinite source of energy.  And we should do so free of any guilt or worries. If not, there’s no way for us to fully recharge.~ Yvonne L. Jones


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