Seek the Path of Awareness, Abandon the Pitfalls of Slumber

Awareness, Rightness & Slumber

The reason I speak, think and interact the way that I do at this point in my life is because I desire to be more aware. However, my being aware does not denote an equal state of awareness for all. I hold zero notion that others must be at my level of awareness to be deemed on the “right” path. 

How sanctimonious of me would that be?   Very!!  Whether we know it or not,  we’re each on a path that is right for us.  And anyone’s level of awareness can be useful for others without it being held as a standard.  After all, awareness is both uniquely individual as well as

wholly universal.  You can’t get it wrong!

There are times when awareness and rightness can rest on the same coin.  Each becomes evident through one’s own unique perspective.  However, being right for rightness sake is pointless in my opinion as it does not foster growth.  In a world that’s trying its very best to keep me asleep, I’m tenaciously seeking my being’s spiritual evolution.

To remain awake and growing in consciousness, I choose to withdraw my attention  to the perceived luxury of slumber/unconsciousness. Why do I want to grow in consciousness you ask? You did ask, right? So that I may be a better inspirational instrument for self and others, and that I fully enjoy the wonders of this existence and that which follows.

Beliefs Can Hinder Awareness

I’ve found that awareness is not always a simple or easy path to travel. It can be difficult and sometimes a great struggle as we are often not eager to let go of things.  Things like the following:  That money, toys, connections to certain people, status, rights and entitlements define who we are and what our worth is.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to release these ingrained beliefs  But the benefits far outweigh any discomfort at dropping them. The awareness alone is worth it,

but there is so much more to  gain.  Especially once we realize we’ve been sleep walking during much of our duration here.

Some say you can’t always fight against certain things in life, so just accept it.  And that’s partially true.   You shouldn’t waste energy resisting or denying a truth–an experience that is occurring or has occurred for you.  However, it does not mean you should ignore what does not facilitate the fullness of your existence here.

Instead, set your focus or intention on that which you desire to experience and not what was or is.  An experience that was or is, is now old news.  Whether it was a bad or a great experience, why linger there?  There are unlimited things left for you to experience! You don’t have to accept any past or present experience as the forerunner of experiences yet to come.   

Neither should you be easily convinced by others to drop your desires because they’re too difficult to acquire. In most causes their advice is simply a misconception. Somewhat like the blind attempting to lead the blind.  For others, their advice is a thinly veiled lie designed to keep you unaware.  Sometimes misery wants company, and crabs at the top of the barrel want crabs beneath them to stay there! 

Even Our Bodies Prompt Use To Be Aware

But even you’re not completely falling for the lie dressed up as sleep–compliance to something you do not desire to experience. You may not realize this, but if you’re holding onto doubts, have unanswered questions concerning anything, you’re desiring more.

You’re holding out for the answers that resonate with you to come along, and for your doubts to be resolved.  Even on a biological level our bodies engage in actions to help us resist staying in a sleep state. Think about it. What’s the first thing most of us usually do upon awakening after a night of slumber? 

Don’t be shy, you can go ahead and admit to this one. We’re all part humans here, you’re not alone in this reality.  But just in case you haven’t guessed already, we must make an urgent bladder pit stop! And do you believe all that fluid just built up in your bladder the instant you woke up? No!

Your bladder has been trying to tell you for some time that it’s in a tight, the pressure is building, and it seeks release.  Therefore, it’s requesting you wake up and handle your business!  And if that doesn’t get your attention, then other body parts join the call for your immediate awakening.  It’s amazing how the body orchestrates this.

The hand you love to curl up under and sleep on, the one you’ve slowly deprived of blood flow and oxygen, is now screaming at you to wake up. What started out as an insignificant tingle you easily slept through is now stabbing pains you can no longer ignore.  Even your dreams seem to orchestrate the perfect scenario for waking you up!

The Struggle Is In Letting Go

Just as your body attempts to wake you on a physical level, there’s an energy attempting to awaken and broaden your awareness on a spiritual level. We struggle sometimes to awaken because it takes releasing and allowing to do so at both physical and spiritual levels.

But I’m sure you know that struggling to stay awake in the physical body is a lost cause.  Your body needs rest. It uses the state of slumber to recharge and rejuvenate.  However, this is not so for spirit.

There is no need for slumber, only moments of quiet contemplation or meditation. Quieting the mind, releasing fears and concerns helps facilitate inner and outer expansion,

clarity and connectivity.  This does for the spiritual being what slumber, food, knowledge and communion with others does for the physical being.   

I know it sounds mean-spirited and even unfair that we must be diligent at awakening spiritually, but that’s how things work in this Universe, an exchange of energy always takes place. There is the flowing of energy required in the giving and getting of anything.   For the body, we give up physical awareness for the benefits slumber provides and for spirit, we give up slumber for the benefits spiritual awareness provides.

The struggle is in the giving up.  Ironic, right?  One last thing, know that others cannot point you to the right or the wrong path.  Only you can seek your path, which you’ve already done.  Yeah, you’re on it!  And since you’re already on it, then why not get on with it!  Here’s to less spiritual sleeping and more wakeful  awareness!~ Yvonne L. Jones


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