How To Understand Self & Recognize The Me In We

We Are More Alike Than Not?

How does one recognize or understand others if one does not fully understand or recognize self? Can I know how others experience life?  Do we really feel and think alike?  Will I be able to correctly  interpret another’s expression of their life experiences? Again, can Me ever truly recognize and understand We without first knowing and understanding Me?  I know you might be wondering what the heck is Yvonne, a.k.a. Me talking about!

Examine Yourself

Well, I’m talking about knowing and understanding self before assuming to know and understand another.

Most think it is self-evident, this self-knowing. But is it really? Sure, we know the most apparent things about ourselves.  Our original hair and eye color, gender, likes and dislikes, current goals and desires is already known to us. But sometimes our self understanding or assessment turns out to be our acceptance of the way others have defined us.

Why Labels Stick & How They Hurt

It wasn’t long ago when women were deemed less capable then men in most professions.  Especially if that profession required understanding complicated mathematical or scientific equations. Blacks were stigmatized and considered to have far less brain capacity than whites.  Children were to be seen and not heard.  They were too young to know anything beneficial and could not hold a meaningful conversation with adults.

Unfortunately, those who were labeled and defined in this way would sometimes hold others to the same limited, inaccurate standards. But thank goodness several turned out to be anomalies, freaks of nature! They could withstand the pain it would take to peel off those super glued labels.  Through much struggle and for more years than it should have taken, the definers were finally proven wrong.  Dead wrong! So, how do we free ourselves from the dis-empowerment and self-destruction ignorance and unawareness breeds?

Rising The Bar

It should be quite simple, right?  We can just stop doing that thing that we do! But apparently we can’t easily do that.  Why?  Well for starters, one must recognize and release the ill effects created by inaccurate and harmful self-beliefs.  Me’s must do so with the full understanding that We’s will also have to work on the same stuff!  But you know how difficult it is to get two or more people working and agreeing on one thing, let alone several. Talk about a monumental task—this  one is it!

Civilizing Civilization?

Yes, I feel we’re up for the challenge.   It might take awhile…a very long while, and be a tad uncomfortable at times.  But what have we accomplished so far that is greater than this endeavor can be for the world? Can civilization continue ignoring that it’s moral, spiritual, higher compass is out of alignment? Technology isn’t holding us back, it has leaped-frog ahead of us!   It’s our inconsistent ability to demonstrate compassion, empathy, tolerance and understanding to all inhabitants of our planet that needs tweaking. We must raise the bar at some point, so why not begin with me and with you! 

You see, Me is an integral part of We and vice-versa. We are byproducts of one another. And as much as some would like to, the two cannot be separated. All that I am (Me) is merely a combination of all that We are with the Me twist included.

We Are One

Here’s an example of one Me twist: I cannot come up with a thought that has not been thought before. However, I can add to any thought my unique form of expression, feelings and understanding. It is Me’s unique life experience which adds to the whole–whether beneficial or not. No one is an island, no one stands alone. Since I am and we are, then there is no me without we, no we without me. See what I mean!

I sound just like a Dr. Seuss character, don’t I? ☺ And where do you think I got the idea for this form of rhyming expression?  From those who came before me!  It would be cool if I could take full credit for it, but I did not think all this up on my own. This form of expressing is the result of a co-creative effort!

Understand Your Competition


Here’s the deal.   Me and We should never be in competition with one another.  That is the epitome of a house divided. And we all know what happens when one haphazardly divides a once sound structure into halves, quarters or other fractions.  It falls down and goes boom!  Instead, we should work together to improve and sustain this structure we call Life!  By working together, we can successfully knock out a wall or two, expand a living area or add a level!  Even the sky holds no limits for us in this regard.  Me working constructively as We. Now that’s a force to be reckoned with! ~ Yvonne L. Jones


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