Purpose, Free Will Or Fate? What Is Your Answer?

Do We Define Our Purpose Or Does Fate Determine All?

Most believe there’s a purpose to life and that we exist for a reason.  Within the scope of one’s acceptance of there being a purpose to life, is the idea that either free will or fate determines when or if one’s individual purpose is fully realized.

The word purpose is defined as the reason for something being done or created, or for something that exists.

Free will is defined as the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate.  It is the ability to act at one’s own discretion.

Fate or Destiny is defined as the development of events beyond a person’s control.  It is regarded as being determined by some supernatural power, or by a person or thing outside of one’s self.

For me, the definition of purpose, as it relates to we part-humans, is self-evident. I believe we are highly creative beings designed to experience life to whatever degree and by any means we desire.

The fact that we exercise free will is a given.  There is never a time when we do not!  Within our ability is the power to liberate or imprison ourselves or others.  We can choose to be happy, loving, considerate, miserable, hateful, or selfish.

How Does Fate Relate?

Exactly how does fate or destiny relate to one’s purpose or free will?  Doesn’t free will nullify fate, and have some confused cause and effect with fate?  I’m asking you these questions because there are those who firmly believe all is predestined.  It is their “fate” to be a certain way or to do a certain thing in life, and no effort on their part can change that.  We’ve all heard the reasons people give for not being “allowed” to do something:

  1. “I’m just destined to be or to do (add the things fate has predetermined here.)  “Every time I’ve tried to do what I wanted, I failed!”
  2. “It’s fate-destiny that I am slim, chunky, clumsy, graceful, assertive, shy, unfocused, determined (add more predeterminations here.) I can’t help it.  That’s just the way it is for me.”

Come on now, really? This would imply that we are nothing more than puppets on a string.  Can this be all we have to look forward to in life?  And if so, then there’s not much of a point in having one, is there?

Yes, one can argue that a player four feet tall rarely gets a shot at being on a professional basketball team. Or that most men weighing 120 pounds will not be defensive lineman draftees of a prestigious college or a professional football team.  But how does this stop anyone from playing a 

game if they choose to play?  Some organizations don’t impose these types of restrictions on players.  There’s also the option of playing with others in your backyard or at the neighborhood park.

How Causation Interacts With Purpose

What some often perceive as their purpose in life seems to override one’s physical disability as a viable reason for not doing what one truly desires. One only needs the desire, the heart, and the will to play. And eventually, the means for accomplishing that which is desired will come about.  Just a note, there is this little thing called  “causation” which means with every action there’s an equal or greater reaction.  You may better know this as “To reap what you sow.”  My point is this, choose your actions wisely.   If you set in motion a negative, destructive, ill-advised causation, you will experience the repercussion of it.

Okay, here’s the skinny and I’m not sure if you consider it a good thing or not.  You be the judge and let me know what you think later.  After you’ve done that causation thing, more than likely you will not experience the fallout of your actions right away.  It might take years before it comes back around to hit you in the butt!  But hit you–it will.  And by the time it does, you may not have a clue as to why this unpleasant thing is happening to you.

However, as with all things in your life, it is up to you as to how you will respond.  You can act like a victim of circumstance or suck it up and take your hits like a big boy or girl.  Either way, know that you and only you set that chain reaction in motion.  Don’t shoot the messenger, as that action can come back at you too.  I’m just letting you know!

The "I Am" State Of Being

Seriously, I feel there is no greater reason or purpose for me being here than to experience all that I am.  Exactly what is all that I am you ask?  Well, it is the ongoing accumulation of a collage of experiences.   It is various levels of growth and understanding, and being aware that is much more to learn.  It’s also the appreciation and expectation of the process, whether it turns out to be fun or not.  But fun is always better!

There’s also the pleasure of co-creating/sharing with others as I see fit to do so during my journey here.   Because I exist and have the option of choice, anything else I decide to add to my IAmness state of being is completely up to me!  Which includes all the good stuff I choose and the not-so-good stuff too.   Hey, you live and learn!

So instead of asking the following open-ended, extremely weighted question, “What is my purpose, and why am I here?”   Why not consider asking this: “What do I desire my purpose to be?”  And as you ponder that question, you can’t help but go deeper within for the answer because there is where you will find it.   You always have the choice of choosing to experience your very own unique state of IAmness.   After all, don’t you have a feeling that’s the reason you’re here?  ~ Yvonne L. Jones


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