Memoirs of an Enlightenment Traveler

Traveling The Path To Enlightenment

As I travel on my road to self-understanding and enlightenment, I am constantly made aware of how difficult the journey can be.

It’s not difficult because the road is uneven or littered with potholes, cracks and rough spots I must navigate through. What makes it difficult is the baggage I tend to drag around with me.  That being, the unproductive

Enlightenment Traveler

thinking and limited understanding I may carry along with me. 

Carrying way too much baggage is difficult.  Especially on a trip in which you have no idea where you’re going or how long you will be traveling. So, it makes perfectly good sense to me that I should drop any unnecessary baggage. Doing so will may the journey much easier, whether it is long or short, eventful or not. And one would think that after realizing the shedding of unnecessary baggage is the easier way to travel, that by now I would be almost empty handed—right?  Wrong!

Too Much Baggage

While I am much lighter than I was when beginning this journey somehow, I reclaimed baggage. Not someone else baggage, familiar personal baggage I hadn’t realized I’d reacquired. How does one that happen you ask?

Good question, I’ll attempt to explain how.  But I can only answer as to why I opted to pick up additional weight.  Because picking up old, useless baggage is a uniquely individual option.

To be honest, most times I’m unaware I’ve grabbed a bag or two off that giant, cosmic baggage conveyor belt. I simply became enlightened, aware of the added weight, looked down at my hands and there they were! Imagine how surprised I was at finding discorded error baggage back in my possession once gain. And you would think I’d immediately drop them—right? Wrong again!

Dropping Old Baggage

No, I had to analyze how they got there. And at what point had I picked them up again and why they felt so much heavier! I lugged that additional weight around for a bit.  But it didn’t take very long before the light bulb clicked on again. Then I dropped them like the bad habit they were! Instant relief and a new understanding quickly followed.

You see, there’s no point in analyzing error baggage. You’ll find yourself in a perpetual loop if you make the attempt. The trick is to become more aware of what you’re about to pick up with your hands of thought.  In this way you can avoid those costly heavy baggage fees in life. By allowing enlightenment to shine through more often than not, you’ll become proactive instead of reactive.

I have no idea at what point in your journey you are.  You may just be starting out or a seasoned trekker.   Newbie or old-schooled, it doesn’t matter.  You know all too well how enticing some of your old familiar baggage can be.  But trust me, you don’t want to play around with it again–just drop it!  It didn’t hold much for you then, and it still won’t.

Traveling Light

While I no longer analyze heavy error baggage, I do find that I must focus to keep myself in the now.   It doesn’t help me when I get too far ahead or behind in my thinking.  Worrying about my future is me thinking too far ahead.  Fearing a repeat of past mistakes will have me grabbing up every old, familiar blame bag I can find. Sometimes familiar feels comfortable, even when it’s old dis-empowering thoughts or actions that failed to serve me. Remember, your journey becomes more fun and easier when you discord

traveling light

old broken baggage and not reclaim it at every junction along the way!  Travel light and your journey will be much more enjoyable.~Yvonne L. Jones

In Memoriam of Dr. Wayne Dyer – To his continued journey.
May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015

If you have not viewed Dr. Dyer’s movie The Shift, you are in for a treat.  Well over a million people have watched The Shift but it was Dr. Dyer’s dream to share this insightful vision with millions more. 

He wanted as many people as possible to learn how to go from mere ambition to a more meaningful life.  And to then share what they learned with others. The Shift is a full length movie. So map out some quite time during your day in

Dr Wayne Dyer

order to soak up the life lessons awaiting your discovery.  You will not regret it!

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