Experiences Of An Enlightenment Traveler

How Experiences Shape Our World

We learn best about ourselves through life experiences, those interactions with other people. Some that we encounter will inspire us to greater things, and some will reflect our own short-comings. Others will instruct and correct, and some will greatly challenge or simply be there for us. 

It’s all good because in each encounter we are given a glimpse of our own strengths and weaknesses.  It is our experiences with others (whether good or not so good) that is essential for the continued growth (ascension) of our soul.   As well as those aspects of one’s humanistic transformations.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the goal of every human being on the planet would be to view all experiences as valuable lessons?  That no experience is without

merit, even if it’s difficult to bare?  If we would do this, all our experiences could become healing and valued ones.  

Are we not souls on a journal seeking individual wholeness and universal oneness?  I believe that we are.  But to accomplish such a grand and noble task, we must learn to love everyone we encounter.

Yes, even that not so pleasant person but don’t judge them too quickly.  Because at times, that unpleasant person can be you!   And we cannot simply say it—that we love, as that can quickly turn into empty rhetoric.  

Saying it doesn’t always mean it’s a genuine thing.  However, feeling it and then revealing it in all its splendor is quite another. We must be love and not 

just occasionally. It must show in everything we do, and in everything we utter.  Sounds like a tall order, right?

Change Your Thoughts, Alter Your Experiences

Take note of the person who adamantly says, “I love you!” but shows you the opposite. They belittle, ignore, talk harshly, is impatient, angers quickly and lacks understanding, compassion or reason. Pay attention to how it makes you feel being the recipient of such “I love you!” actions.    

Remember, so when you–the angel that you are, is contemplating repeating those same unloving acts.  However, you will not act accordingly.  How is that you 

ask?  Because you will recognize those acts as being counter-productive, and way outside of love.  You’ll correct your position.  Yes, you can do that!

Remember, everyone we encounter–those wonderful, worrisome and wounding ones, comes to us for a reason.  They are either much-needed lessons, a teacher or a student.  When you encounter them, don’t be so quick to take offense.  Unruffle your tail feathers, pull up your big boy/girl undies and do some serious introspection.  Then through clearer, unblemished eyes of enlightenment, you will be better able to recognize the unloving (in error/blemished/sinful) part in you that needs adjusting.

We're Designed To Do More

Yes, I so understand that admitting as adults we have not “grown up enough” is a hard pill to swallow.  And at times it seems impossible to get that pill down our throats!

However, true growth is not measured in years but by one’s level of understanding and awareness. Have you ever noticed how kids can have such profound understanding and awareness when we least expect them to?  

Not only are they excellent students of life, they are excellent teachers as well.  Yet they’ve only experienced life for just a little while when compared to their “adult” counterparts. If we lose the ability to become  both a teacher and a 

a student during our lifetime here, we’ll  eventually get lost.  We often wonder in a harsh desert of our own making, reliving the same desolate experiences.  

One never fully grows up (grows in awareness) or moves into their greatest potential while wondering in such harsh conditions.

But understand that your greatest potential is not how much income you earn.  It has nothing to do with your professional or academic title and position.  It’s not where you live, how you look or who and what you think you know. It’s the love, passion and compassion in your heart.  These are the thing that should be flowing out of you.   Because all of life is love incarnate. Try envisioning a panoramic view of the universe as it unfolds and I think you’ll feel what I mean.

Life Is Suppose To Be Fun, Not Fearful

Really, love is all there is. However, I’ve learned through my own life and as a witness to others, that we too easily settle for less than love. We concote  all types of reasons for being all sorts of things outside of love. 

For instance, we settle for being less aware and understanding.  Because who wants to be seen as a know it all or a wimp?   Some will go out of their way to be less giving, kind, helpful and patient.  Why would anyone want to be that way, you ask?  

Well, when one gets taken advantage of, used and disregarded–then they have no choice!  Hum…No!  There’s always the choice to do what’s greater.  However, the settling can go on forever.  And for all the things outside of love we settle   

for, the common denominator, the common thread is always fear.  Fear is the negative side of possibilities, of all our preferred and probable “What ifs?”

Don’t live your life in fear. Oh, you’ll get scared, its another human experience.  But you don’t have to make it a permanent domicile! You can move on.

Here’s something that might help you when those moments of fear pop up.  Ask yourself this one thing; “What would a person who truly loves themselves and others do?” and then do that.  When you do things in love, love makes you fearless, love takes a chance, love never fails.   Here’s to growing in love while experiencing life to the fullest! ~Yvonne L. Jones


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