Light Stuff

The Stuff of Light

When I think about the brilliance and immensity that the Source of existence must be, I cannot help but compare it to light. Because for me, moments of enlightenment feel like something lights up inside of me.  As if clarifying rays of light reveal themselves to the inner me.

I am aware of light radiating from the Source of all that is and responding to all that I am.   When I’m paying attention, Source energy permeates my being with its presence and awareness.  It shares with me all that I am capable of comprehending.  And gives me glimpses of things to consider exploring further. 

If I’m open, Source reflects clarity upon every thought or interest I may hold and more.  When I feel lost and unsure of what to do next, it becomes a guide who goes ahead of me and illuminates

the direction I want to take.  When I get frustrated and feel tired, it is an encouraging friend who walks with me one step at a time.   And reminds me not to sweat the small stuff!

It is as comforting and warm as a campfire that chases away the fear of darkness and the cold.  With Source, there is a feeling of wholeness, readiness, of never being pinched off, unwanted, or not worthy.  

The Insight of Light

Light is never overshadowed by conditions, demands, or threats of punishment.  And is certainly not prone to jealousy or wrath.   When I visit with Source I sense its patience and non-interest in judgment or control.  There is love, wonder, and a child-like curiosity that flows from it and covers me until I can’t help but laugh.   I laugh because Source seems curious about what I desire to do next.  Of course, Source knows far more about me than I  can remember.  This means the curiosity is for me to ponder upon and interpret.  

Radiance is singular and cumulative.  One ray gives birth to another and then another. These rays continue to increase as Source is not limited to one ray–one way, one word, or one vision. These notions are from man’s perceived limitations and not that of Source energy. All rays have the potential of connecting one back to the Source of all that is.  I appreciate luminescence being fluid and not rigid or heated–too hot to handle.  That it does not subjugate or inhibit my will to be.   There are no traditions, rituals, or customs required to be one within the flow of light.   As these conventions tend not to grow and not to let go.

The Light You've Been Looking For Is In You

Every new insight facilitates further growth, flow, and change. One need only look at the physical body or the increasing knowledge of the mind contained within it to realize this. Nothing in the body remains the same as it was at birth. A body that fails to increase, grow, or change in some beneficial way soon stagnates and reverts. But even in its stagnation and apparent demise, it moves right back to Source. Sort of makes you wonder why you’d ever not live your life to the fullest in the first place—right?  When I say live life to the fullest, I mean to the best of one’s ability, be more aware, patient, loving, and understanding.  Give of yourself and be at peace with yourself and those around you.  And yes, I realize that being this way with yourself and others is sometimes very difficult to do! 

However, to be full of the light stuff we must empty ourselves of the dark stuff, those fears, and the heaviest we too often attach to ourselves. I believe this is so easy to do but we make it complicated by overthinking the process.  If darkness is the absence of light, and you’re done with stumbling in the dark, then Turn Your Light On!  I believe we’re here to experience evolution, to be fully human and fully light at the same time. What a fantastic being that will be!  We each play an intricate part in this evolutionary journey from beings with shades of darkness to beings full of light. Think as light does and before long we will be as light is. Until then, just keep following the light!  ~Yvonne L. Jones


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