Letting Go Or Giving Up, Can You Tell The Difference?

How To Remain Happily In Charge Of Your Life

With all the demands, distractions, and disappointments we are bombarded with in life, sometimes it’s hard to recognize if we are letting go or giving up.   Some have even confused letting go with giving up, but I have a very different take on the subject.  If you’re like most, you’ve probably heard or said these statements yourself.  “Girl, let that stuff go!” or “Give it up, because at the rate you’re going it will never happen!”   Both statements have merit but again, they are not the same.  Letting go of something liberates, while giving up oftentimes enslaves you.

Here’s how to recognize the subtle yet profound differences between the two.

  1. You have weighed your options, and done all you know to do.
  2.  You are not fearful of what others may think or that you’re losing out on something.
  3. You are at peace with the desire just as it is–as a vision, an idea, a person, or a tangible thing yet to be formed, but within the creation process.
  4. You are open to and excited about the endless ways your desire can become a physical reality in your life

If you agree with 1-4, then you are letting go with purpose. You have freed yourself from worry, guilt, shame, and blame, and opened the door to something better–to that new and improved next exciting chapter of your life!  But if you have done the complete opposite of the actions listed above, then you are giving up on experiencing that which you truly desire. You may have become attached to the use of unproductive or difficult means for acquiring your desire.  By failing to break those chains of fruitless productivity, there’s no telling how long you will be bound to the absence of the thing you desire!  That’s a very unsettling thought!

The Difference Is In The Action

Letting go and then going about your merry way does not mean you ignore or never take note of your missteps.  On the contrary, letting go with purpose means you get completely honest with whatever part you played in the misstep. Forgive yourself and then permit yourself to move on with experiencing better things.  In essence, you break or cut away any difficult chain of events that can add more delaying links to your desired creation process.  By breaking or cutting any unproductive links, you can avoid a desire hindering chain reaction!

On the surface, letting go seems like a difficult task while giving up seems like an easy one.  But the idea of either action being difficult or easy is flawed.  Let’s say that purposefully letting go will allow you to open any desired door and setting yourself free to indulge in it’s unlimited possibilities.  You have faith that the substance which creates worlds, can create this desire for you. Taking these steps means you foresee the eventual attainment of your desire.  You become more hopeful and have high expectations of your desires coming to fruition. There’s no quitting when you undergo the process in this way.  You are inspired and vested in the belief that your desire is attainable.

What if you give up out of frustration, anger, or disbelief?  Well, that would be similar to you shutting the door, and locking yourself away from your desires.  You may then proceed to rehash painful memories, blame others, make excuses, and feel regretful. You’ve attached all this negativity to your wonderful desire.  And because you have, more than likely you’ll believe your desire will be very difficult to attain.  This, belief generates, even more doubt and frustration.  Eventually, you’ll hold no expectations of your desire ever coming to fruition.  In actuality, you have given up since you have chosen to continue in this vein. You are determined to hold the belief that your desire is unattainable.

Remember, freedom is always an option.  It’s the best one in my book!  Let go of what shackles you–fear, doubt, unworthiness.  Release those three chains of thought then you’ll never be inclined to give up! ~ Yvonne L. Jones


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