Is Life Really Give and Take?

Can Give and Take Balance Out?

I’ve heard the term, “Life is give and take,” for so long until I assumed it was  correct.  However, I no longer believe this to be true, at least not in all cases. It is true that there are some who give and give some more but rarely take. They give so much until they eventually give out–physically, psychologically and spiritually. Then there are those who mostly take and never or rarely give anything of substance. They take more than is necessary, becoming too self-absorbed with the act of taking.  Neither

Give and Take

of these give and take situations is a good thing as both parties lose out.

The habitual giver routinely depletes their resources until a break-down of some form is unavoidable. Some are fortunate enough to survive the “melt down” that occurs.  But there has to be someone or something that can help to replenish what they have tapped out.  If not, they may lose the zeal for giving altogether.

Habitual takers are mirror opposites. They will covet all your time, attention, money, peace, happiness, mind, body and soul if you offer it up.  And never once will they feel obligated to return the gesture. But with all of their taking, they lose sight of more valuable things. They lose compassion, empathy, understanding and the ability to truly love others.

How Giving & Taking Becomes Competitive

Habitual givers and takers are similar in a few ways. They seem driven to do what they do, and neither of the two knows how to say no. For the givers who are always inclined to say yes, their actions appear to come from a sincere desire to help, please or attend to the needs of others.  

However, they don’t come away empty handed from all their giving, because in giving they feel useful and needed.  Of course, these are good feelings to have.  However, sometimes givers hold the smug belief of a task never getting done if they don’t do all the doing–the giving! 

Takers can also appear to respond to a call for help that will either aid another or secure the championship of a worthy cause. However, their response is all about show, appearances.  Their desire  

demanding too much

is to be perceived in a certain way.  What they get out of it is praise or accolades which serves to  further strengthen their own self-validation.  Other’s may be able to give, but no one can give it better than they can.  Nor can anyone but them do it with so much flare!   

 Ironic, isn’t it?  By choosing one extreme or the other, we become so out of balance in life.  And we do so without realizing how out of sync we are, or that we’re so jacked up! 

Balance Both And Win

Is there hope for the habitual givers and takers in life? Yes, there is.  When an inspired desire takes shape and corrective action follows, an imbalance can be corrected. I have come to realize that for actions deemed higher, more profound–there is love, ease, joyfulness and appreciation connected with every give and receive interaction.  And that giving is no greater or lesser than receiving, for how can we do one without the other? But most definitely, taking is never required.  Give and receive with love.~ Yvonne L. Jones 


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