In Truth Resistance is Futile

Our Attachment To Resistance

Resistance by definition: 1. The refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. 

Remember Seven of Nine, the Borg from Star Trek? I don’t think anyone or thing brings home the fact of resistance being futile like the Borg. 

Fight as you might, it is almost impossible to resist assimilation by them. Not a Trekkie? Then you should brush up on episodes with the Borg.  It’s very enlightening stuff!

Of course, the Borg is a fictitious entity.  However, they closely resemble situations we often cross paths with but wished we hadn’t. Are you wondering what types of situations one may encounter that resemble resisting the Borg? That’s easy!  Any situation where a known or unknown, disturbing or unsettling truth resides, which pretty much covers most situations. And all situations occurring for you fall within these two categories.  A truth and the truth. Hum…I can hear the questions now. “Exactly what is a truth as opposed to the truth Yvonne?” Okay, you asked. Here it is:

The Truth: Humans must breathe air to live. That’s a fact.

A Truth: Human veins are blue or bluish-green. Well, veins do appear to look that color. However, veins look blue because light must penetrate the skin to illuminate them. Blue and red light, which are of different wavelengths, can only penetrate skin in varying degrees. So, the color that comes back to our eyes is the blue light, hence the veins appear to be blue in color. The blood moving through our veins is always red and the vein itself is transparent-to-opaque in color.

The Truth About Resistance

So, “a truth” can appear to be one thing but be something else altogether. A truth is relevant and usually based on one’s perception. There can be degrees of truth within it, it’s just not all fact.

Whichever the situation, do not waste your energy resisting a truth, the truth, or resistance itself. “What? How can I resist resistance itself Yvonne? Come on now! “ Yeah, it’s a neat trick and we all do it. I’ll include an example later.

Instead of resisting or sticking your head in the sand, try this. Look at that uncomfortable thing you’re presented with as something that holds some form

of truth. You may not recognize it right away, like it, agree with it or care to delve deeply into its existence. But it is indeed some form of truth for you.  Once you have been presented a/the truth, whether it’s steeped in fact or not, you no longer have the option of denying or un-presenting it. 

In other words, you can’t put that genie back in the lamp! The second you attempt to deny the existence of the thing you just experienced, your mind–the Gate Keeper, switches into protect mode.  Its job is to guard the integrity of self. After all, is it even possible to resist an experience that did not occur for you?  I’ll answer that one.  NO!  Yeah, that’s the truth.

What You Resist Will Persist

The point of this post is this; it is to our advantage not to resist those unfamiliar or unpleasant things life presents to us.

It is far better to acknowledge and to then find the lessons tucked away within them. If not, the things we attempt to resist will in fact persist.

They will reoccur for our benefit again and again, until we either acknowledge and learn from them or move on from this place.   When we insist on resisting, we miss the opportunity to learn 

valuable life lessons,  and will remain less informed and less  aware then need be. That’s such a loss, such a waste.

Oh! I did say I’d give you an example of resisting resistance. Here it is. During one of my own lessons of truth resistance, I found myself like most others, not ready to deal with it. I had every excuse in the book:

“This does not apply to me, I’m not like that. I don’t have this issue and I don’t see why I must learn from this now merely for someone else’s benefit. I mean it’s not fair, there are other things I want to do!”

Yes, this dialogue was running through my mind and spilling past my lips. But suddenly, as if a light had literally been switched on, I realized I was resisting the fact that I was in resistance. The only thing I could do was laugh and then acknowledge that the situation was indeed a lesson, a truth for me. See I told you, you’ve done it too!

Troublesome situations in life are not giants we must wrestle with or conquer, but lessons we should learn from. Once we learn from these lessons, the newer, more enlightening knowledge we “assimilate” will enrich our lives beyond belief. Here’s to not resisting Borgs! Live long and prosper. ~ Yvonne L. Jones


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