How Does Your Garden Grow?

Yes Virginia Or Victor, You've Grown A Garden

Most people believe that growing a garden requires time-intensive physical labor, lots of knowledge, and a bit of luck.  That is if a bountiful harvest is what’s desired. However, you need not concern yourself with complicated formulas or steps when cultivating your personal little patch of sustainability.

You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have a garden. I can’t grow anything…not with these brown thumbs! Besides, I don’t have time or the space for growing things.” But regardless of your perceived inability to grow anything, you have been tending a garden for quite some time.

Whether it’s small containers, a patio, or an acreage full of vegetation, you have taken the time to grow your garden. And rest assured, you’ve nurtured this garden every single day, particularly every moment of your life!

How have you missed the fact that you are already a gardener with a well-established garden of your own?  Well, most of us don’t see the similarities between our lives and gardens.  But we always create, grow, and nurture stuff! 

You Have All The Tools Needed

Picture your life experiences as this huge plot of soil with all types of vegetation growing in it. Your desires are the seeds you plant. The fertilizers you use are your thoughts and beliefs.  And the life-sustaining water every plant needs to grow is delivered by the words pouring from your mouth. 

After each plant’s growing cycle is completed, you can reap the rewards by harvesting your crop! This sounds like an easy system to maintain and benefit from don’t you think? Well, it sure seems to have been set up as an easy and sure way for anyone to yield a crop.

When we first arrived (were born) we were endowed with our very own fertile plot of life-sustaining soil. The seeds we would someday plant were already safely stored away in our seed bank. We didn’t have to purchase or borrow any.

There was no need to fertilize or water our future garden.  We were still in the process of getting a feel for the lay of the land—sort of speak.  There was no planting going on so, God, Source, Mother or Father Nature prepared and maintained our plot for us.

You Were Born To Grow

Our ability to become perfect gardeners is inborn. As we grew, we experienced more, formulated thought and speech, became knowledgeable and developed desires.  In turn, we took steps to realize–grow our desired seedlings.  We didn’t shy away from or make excuses for crawling, crying or the baby babbling no one could understand. When taking our first steps, we were just as courageous as any skilled high-wire trapeze performer.  

We were adventurous and thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the vastness of a kitchen sink.  Did we have fears or concerns about hugging or pulling the tail of that giant four-legged beast?  Heck no! We instinctively knew Beastie was a beloved member of our family pack!  

As baby gardeners, we experienced and enjoyed our garden of life to the fullest! We didn’t hold back, doubt our abilities, or scare ourselves into action or inaction. No, all that came much later when we became older gardeners who’d forgotten how to garden successfully.

Finding it hard to believe we each plant, cultivate and then reap the rewards of a well-tended or unattended garden?  Then allow me to remind you of a few things. During one particular planting season, you sowed, fertilized, and watered the following seeds:

“I can’t stand that shiftless, lazy, do-for-nothing, excuse of a co-worker! He’s pathetic! Makes me ill just thinking about working with him!  Always cozying up to the supervisors so he can get out of doing his job. Can’t they see I’m the one doing all the work on this project? I’m out of this department as soon as I get the chance!”

Why Your Garden Produces Weeds

Because of the negative  seed sowing, toxic fertilizing, and consistent over-watering of your garden, you are now the proud producer of the following:

1.  A bumper crop of migraine and tension headaches.

2. A job you would love to deep freeze or can.

3. Sleepless nights you can’t sell or give away to anyone. 

4. Family and social tensions that are growing faster than smartweed.

5. And you’re gaining weight from too much of this unhealthy overindulgence.

You are harvesting this undesired crop because of the seeds you have sown and your unhealthy gardening methods!  

You can keep fertilizing and nurturing viable seeds with the same toxic compounds.  But don’t expect to yield healthy, fruitful experiences. Keep contaminating your desired seeds along with the garden they’re planted in, and you’ll grow nothing but weeds! Want to produce healthy, vibrant, deliciously tantalizing “fruitful” life experiences? Then change your gardening methods!

The only way to harvest the healthy fruit you desire is to stop overly taxing your seedlings. Instead, fertilize and nurture them with the most loving, patient, empowering thoughts you can think of.  Start giving them just enough of that

warm, loving sunlight you have radiating from within you.  And stop over watering them! You do know that too much of anything is not beneficial for most things, right?

It's Never Too Late To Reclaim Your Garden

Not only can this overindulgence take a toll on you–the gardener, but it can also negatively affect those who are co-op gardening with you.  More than likely, they will not be impressed with your toxic gardening methods.  Or the low-to-no quality fruit you keep pushing on them!  

The key to a healthy, wealthy garden is to keep things in balance.  Don’t worry so much, which is easier than you think.  Do all that you know to do when you feel led to do it.  Then, in due season your desired crop will be ready for harvesting and sharing!  So I’ll just ask you again, “How does your garden grow?”~ Yvonne L. Jones 


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