Going With Or Against The Flow?

Are You In Flow Or Floundering Within The River Of Life?

Can you envision life in its wholeness and with its various forms of expression as a great and mighty river?  Do you envision yourself as an inhabitant of this River of Life?  Well, I’m happy for you because I just tossed you in!  So, let’s get in the flow!

As entities of this River of Life, everyone is fully sustained, entertained, and inspired as they are carried along their journey.  We can enter or re-enter the River’s flow at any desired point, and any depth of awareness.  Some will move swiftly within the current and speed ahead of others.  

Some are more adventurous and desire to dive deeper beneath the surface.  And some will opt to play around and frolic or float along the surface at their leisure.  Of course, there are the multi-water beings–those who are willing to experience many aspects of the River.

Water Fall of Life-Joseph Ruff

As for the River itself, it encompasses waters that reach unmeasured depths.  It feels tropical and inviting, cool and revitalizing, warm and calming.  The River moves with the ease and grace of a quiet shallow stream, or as swift as cascading rapids.  It can become gentle or death-defying falls, or resemble beautiful shorelines that extend beyond the horizon.  It is vast, forever changing but consistent in its expansion, in its ability to always add more.  Nothing is ever lost nor left underutilized.  All things are part of and can be found within this vibrant River of Life.  It is a place where anything conceived of can be created and experienced.  Sounds like a very interesting place to be, right?   At least it should be unless one begins to resist and fear flowing within it.

Resisting The Flow

During one’s course along this River of Life, some will emit a fire-like passion for enjoying their experiences. But sometimes one somehow loses their fiery passion or joy and becomes ice cold or frigid.  Worse, they stall into stagnation.  This stall can create for them and anyone in near proximity, an unhealthy environment.  

Some churn into waters of thought that change from moment to moment, becoming agitating whirlpools or maelstroms.   As a result, most will find it nearly impossible to travel and grow with the one who unsettles the water in this way.

Many will reject the uncomfortable sensation of another creating such havoc and disturbing their peaceful waters of receptivity.  Is it any wonder that most will steer clear of them and flow towards calmer waters?  Those who frequently enter this volatile state of being are often unaware that they are doing so. 

For those who easily ride upon the River’s flow, they are baffled to witness their counterpart’s sudden shift.  How do they so quickly move from oneness with the River of Life, to fighting against its unstoppable current?  Are they not aware of the imbalance and dis-ease they are creating for themselves and others?

To the calm observer, it may appear that a giant net has captured their struggling counterparts, holding them fast.  And the more they struggle to move forward, to break free, the more entangled they seem to become.

Your Rights To Struggle Within The Flow

We are all in this River of Life together and there will be those who will try their best to help the ones who struggle.   Whether from experience with their net or through much observation, many will offer words of encouragement.  They have found that the best course of action is to relax, and stop struggling.  This will allow one to see a way out, around, or through the perceived impediment.  It’s understood that it is not the River (or the net) that traps them but one’s turbulent waters of thought.  Some may not have had a paralyzing encounter with the net.  But upon seeing those who have, they will eventually move away from their struggling companions.  Doing so is merely a safeguard.  As they are unwilling to remain attached to one who is so unaware of the obvious way to get around it.

However, if one continues struggling with no relief in sight, they may entertain thoughts concerning rights they must lay claim to.  They seek rights that will protect them during their struggle alone or while with others who also struggle within the River.

Thereafter, it becomes paramount that they enforce these self-approved rights.  It is believed that rights will keep others from disrupting any smooth flow within “their”  River.  Enforcement usually comes in the form of intimidation, fear, judgment, and control over others.  

However, what they believed would fortify their existence in the River and keep them free, had the opposite effect.  Their rights failed to keep them free but only weakened and further binds them to their form of self-deception.

Though we are integral parts of this River of Life, we cannot control its flow.  While one stands apart, struggling within their rights, they are like a droplet in the vastness of eternity and against the flow, they will continue to struggle.  

There are far too many variables for one little “I-drop” to contend with. And it’s a good thing for us that adjusting or redirecting the River’s flow is beyond our capability.

The Ease & Joy Of Being In Flow

Why not make it your purpose to move in the flow instead of against it?  Withdraw any hindering rights, lay back, and allow the River’s creative power to take you where you have desired to go.   Then flowing will become easy and natural.   

Everything we can ever desire to experience in this River of Life is ours simply for the asking.  It’s better to ask without complaints, worry, temper tantrums, or defeatism in tow. ☺  As you’re floating along in high anticipation, seek out every single droplet of joy within your current experiences.  Allow enough time for the flow to carry you to the experience you desire.  This is all we ever need to do!

When we relax and “go with the flow” we begin to see the unfathomable vastness of it all.   There are unlimited and wondrous possibilities this River of Life has within its flow for us.  So relax!  Let go and let it flow!~ Yvonne L. Jones


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