Below you’ll have access to many of the websites, blogs, books and audios that have been instrumental in helping me better understand this thing we call life. Of course, there’s so much more out there to experience and learn so as I come across more of these golden nuggets I’ll add to this collection.

The e-books are the works of both classic and modern authors who have devoted most of their lives to self-awareness, spiritual growth and abundance. You may download or view them in your browser.  Most of the audio recordings were created and narrated by yours truly and are examples of a few self-inspirational techniques I have found useful.

As with any teachings, take from these that which resonates with you and leave what does not. You can always revisit them later. ~Yvonne L. Jones




“Good Morning You!”
Your Morning Pep-Talk

“Welcome To Your Universe”
Creating Your World From The Inside Out

“How To Get Your Inspiration Back”
Getting Past Fear & Indecision


“The Woman I Am”
Acknowledging The Feminine Energy

“Manifesting Money-Part 1”
How To Manifest Consciously

“Manifesting Money-Part 2”
Why You Should Manifest Consciously


“Any Way Will Do”
Your Path Is Tailored For And By You

“Rain with Chimes”
For Meditation and Relaxation

“Deep Resonating AUM’s with Eric Pepin”
by Higher Balance Institute

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