I Am

a mother of two with one grand cat, Ninja. Yeah I know, that’s a story just itching to be told at a later date—lol! I was born and raised in Houston Texas but now reside in a little city just north of there called Spring.

I Love

anything that allows me to express and explore my creative side.  And from those awkward adolescent years to the more experienced, stable ones of today (yeah—right!-) my life has been a smorgasbord of succulent opportunities.  

I’ve experienced many mouth-watering, flavorful life cuisines and a few odd concoctions I never acquired a taste for.  One was driving a huge city bus and another was getting sunburned. Ouch! What follows is neither chronological nor that impressive but is commonly associated with one’s occupations, interests and hobbies.  

My Job

currently is operating two Centers tailored to our youth in the community and any brave adults daring to enter. Actually, running the Community Centers has turned out to be one of my more sedate occupations. In addition, I’ve sold health and life insurance, circus tickets, juice, custom apparel; massaged more knots out of backs and applied more e-stim then I care to remember.  

I’ve played the piano and just about every board and card game on the planet; painted on canvass, sketched with chalks, assembled computers, PC boards, quilts, clothing, doll furniture and that nice, insulated coffee mug you love riding around with in the mornings—I made those too. I have woven baskets, wicked candles and was even an apprentice carpenter. Yes, I may look like a girlie-girl but I can lay installation and hang sheetrock too!

Ben Franklin Quote

My Life

has been and continues to be full of interesting stuff. However, the one thing that ties all of my wonderful and not so wonderful adventures together is writing. I soak up everyday life experiences and out pour ad copy, company and organizational manuals, newsletters, business brochures, websites, blogs, games and coloring books, poems, a couple of spoken word tracks (a CD is in the works) and most recently, novels. I’m working on a couple as you read.

My Intention

here is to convey a few things. For one, that my interests fall all over the place but I’m sure you’ve noticed that. However, the major thing you don’t know about me yet is that I’m laser focused with my writing. It’s a lovely, big habit I simply refuse to shake and why should I? 

Some will pay top dollar for their own personal brand of escape or get-away and in the process, if it’s the wrong type of escape, they will often risk their health, livelihood and relationships. What are my risks? Well, let’s see—re-stocking paper, pens, the occasional keyboard and the slight bruise to my ego if you’re not “feeling” my work.

My Desire

is to be the best writer I can be. It is my belief that I’ve experienced a lot in this life, enough to prepare me for just about anything.  Especially if that “thing” is a passion. For me, writing most definitely falls comfortably within the passion category. So I guess that means crafting words for the enjoyment of others should be a piece of cake, right?

Actually, I love imagining that being a published author is much like taking a bite from my favorite slice of cake. And since writing is something to be savored because every bite is new and delectable, let me eat cake! One more thing, just in case you’re wondering. I’m more than willing to share. Please, by all means dig in and take a bite!

Find anything interesting? Share below and keep in touch!