Are You Truly Living Life?

Are You Living Or Watching Life?

Sounds like another one of my trick questions, right? After all, how does one have a life without living it? Seems almost impossible to do and yet we always find a way to do the impossible, don’t we?  We each are blessed with life.  And yet some for whatever reasons will sit on the sidelines watching life and counting time instead of actively participating.  

In the wake of tallying days gone by, many will realize they haven’t experienced the things they truly want to. That’s so sad and yet it is one’s own choice and right to do or not to do. Some will say they were destined to be or to do things in a certain way, at a given time, while others feel they have free will. Whichever the case, there’s really no debating the following statements:

  • We have unlimited choices in life.
  • There are consequences for the choices we act upon.
  • No one can choose for us.

Some may debate the third statement.   But even though other’s can suggest a choice for you, it is yours (and yours alone) to accept or decline another’s suggestion. Again, the choice is always ours. And no matter how hard we try to delegate, renegotiate or ignore deciding at all (which is a decision) there’s no way to get around it. Funny how it seems we don’t really have a choice in the matter, right?

How Ya' Living Now?

With all the choices to consider in life, it’s not surprising we sometimes feel overwhelmed, indecisive and afraid. But consider this, even the most enlightened spiritual individuals can and do make poor choices. Just like the rest of us, some die from food or drug over indulgence, freak accidents, suicide and homicide.  They also get caught up in sexual, political or religious scandals.   Enlightened or not, some fall prey to   

the same issues the rest of the populace does.  We’re more alike than some care to admit.

On the flip side.  The overindulgent connoisseurs of alcohol, cigarettes and all things deep fried and processed, who claims no degree of enlightenment whatsoever–lives to be 500 years old!   They have exciting, regret free life’s.  Go figure!  It appears the gift of life is bestowed upon us regardless of our perceived perfections or flaws. Which is a wonderful thing because we’re left with room for growth and improvement.

You Can't Help But To Choose In Life

But take heed. You can opt to consume junk or organic foods.   Pump iron like Arnold or become a dent in your couch.  Meditate like a monk or party like a rock star.  But we all transition–leave this perceptual existence eventually.

Therefore, I don’t think it matters how or when one leaves–transitions, but when and how one lives. Here’s the question concerning living that we answer every moment of our lives.  “While I am here, how will I live the life I have been given?” 

Should I live my life growing in wisdom or foolishness? Will my temperament and character be light, fluid and gentle as vapor or heavy, overbearing and rigid as stone? Shall I build up and assist others like the powerful, unshakable 

ant or do I tear down and then cower beneath the shadow of a gnat? Can I be true to myself or be the great  pretender to all?  Come what may, will I take credit for living my life?  Or am I to act the victim or victor in life?  Do I pass all decisions (good, bad or indifferent) into the willing but no more capable hands of another?

Seeking these answers will lead one to a better awareness and a deeper understanding of many things.  That being, how best to respond to every life experience encountered.   You can preview those exciting, difficult, awe-inspiring, mind-numbing choices you’re contemplating acting on.   Then the only thing left to do is to live your life accordingly. You won’t always get it right, but you won’t always get it wrong either. You can’t lose if you’re living your life as opposed to waiting for the “right” life circumstances to come along.  “Are you truly living life?”~Yvonne L. Jones


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