Are We Ever Our Brother’s Keeper?

The Keeper And The Kept

Have you ever taken up the arduous task of being the keeper of someone’s happiness, awareness, entertainment, focus, and physical or emotional health?  Were you such a successful keeper that they remained empowered, loving, empathetic, grounded, conscious, calm, and attractive?  Yeah, these are loaded questions.  I can imagine you being in a state of shock or amusement because they’re such lengthy and extreme ones too!

Be Happy

Of course you have not tried to keep someone happy to such an extreme extent.  At least I’m hoping you haven’t.  You must admit that at times, it can be difficult to continuously experience all of these things for yourself! Sometimes it seems like a tedious task just to keep focused from moment to moment.  While you are attempting to maintain only one experience, all the other things you desire to “keep” simply flies out the window!  Hence the reason I don’t believe we are meant to be our brother’s keeper.

The simple fact is, that we cannot keep anyone in any state of being. The state of being—experiencing, is an inside job for the individual. But what we can and should do is be our brother’s helper, and do no intentional harm. If we cannot help, then the best thing we can do is to get out of the way.  Not in abandonment but in allowance of God/Source inspiring someone else who can!

The One Who Keeps Holds The Key

I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of knowing a few keeper fixer-uppers in your lifetime. They are often the ones who are relentless in their pursuit to fix and keep another fixed. They’ll hide or take away the drugs, junk foods and other harmful distractions. They will demand that their kept one become more enlightened or informed so that they may help themselves.  The keeper will position themselves as the only true source for the knowledge and wisdom the self-helper will need!  

This sounds more like a jailer keeping an inmate on lock-down doesn’t it? But does anyone truly desire to be kept and monitored in this way?  I think not. Man nor beast desires to be kept but be free to fly or to land. Free yourself! Don’t fall into the trap of being the keeper of another.  And by all means, don’t allow yourself to be kept!~ Yvonne L. Jones


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