Advancing In The Game Of Life

Learn As You Play The Game

Real life doesn’t always seem fair and can closely mirror games of chance–like the Game of Life. The similarity becomes apparent when we miss passing GO. Or we forfeit our chance to roll the dice for advancement and is unable to snatch up things we desire. Occasionally we are stopped from moving forward because we’ve somehow landed in jail.  Jail being any place where advancement is briefly or extensively hindered.  It is from there where we must watch and wait as others advance before our turn at bat comes up again.

The Game of Life

As frustrating as waiting out one’s time in jail may feel, its only temporary and can be a good thing.  From this waiting place, one can plan and envision their next move with fewer distractions. This waiting period can help us become better strategic players of the Game of Life.  We’ll be less likely to fall into the same traps we’ve fallen into before.  Jail time can be the impetus for one becoming more centered, insightful, patient and aware.  

With greater awareness, one focuses less on being a loser of the game but more like a true player!   In other words, the game ain’t over until the fat man or lady sings!

Count The Days

It’s your game, and you can invest your game energy acquiring things.  Or you can choose to start building and investing in your own personal stock symbol–IAMONE.  Have you served your inner time and presented your Get Out Of Jail Free Pass?  You have! Then you’re ready to get back into the Game of Life!   If you like, you can incorporate a few or all of the following inspirational life hacks to assist you along the way:

How To Enjoy The Game Of Life

1. When in doubt focus your attention on your intention, then take one baby step. Keep repeating this process and you will eventually out distance your doubts. Guaranteed!

2. Life seems much too short.  While you’re living yours, try enjoying it!

3. Your job or business has its purpose but it will not nurse you back to health if you are injured, become ill or depressed and lose sight of your purpose. But those who love and care about you (and even strangers) will. So make it a habit of being loving, compassionate and genuinely concerned for others.

4. Trying to win arguments is a pointless endeavor in which all parties end up losing. You are only responsible for staying true to yourself. It is not your duty in life to convince, sway or brow-beat anyone about anything. Being your authentic self is the only non-intrusive form of inspirational persuasion anyone will ever need from you!


5. It’s perfectly okay to get angry, sad, disappointed and frustrated sometimes. God/Source won’t hold it against you. 

6. You can save for a rainy day.  But know that a little or even a lot of rain will never extinguish the sun’s rays of light. Even during a storm, the sun is still there shining!

7. When it comes to certain things like pastries and chocolates or love and happiness–resistance is futile!

8. Make peace with your past so you can enjoy present moments. Because present moments are all that there is.

9. Never measure your life against others. You have no idea of all the set-backs, obstacles or dead ends encountered in another’s journey through life.


Who Say's You Can't Take The Game With You?

10. If a relationship is a secret, doesn’t that mean you’re keeping yourself from being in a realationship?”

11. Whether a situation is deemed good or bad, it will eventually change. Time has a way of changing things and it can do so like the blink of an eye. Allow time to blink.

12. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind, revitalizes the soul and energizes the body. Better yet, take several deep breaths!

13. Let go of anything that isn’t useful. Holding onto things of little-to-no use will eventually weigh you down like a heavy anchor.

14. If it didn’t kill you, it did make you stronger.   You’re still here!

15. You always have the option to be happy. And the great thing is it’s never too late for you to opt-in!

16. Ask for the things you love and enjoy in life, and don’t take “No!” for an answer.

17. Wear your expensive perfume to bed.  Sleep on those 1800 thread count “guest” sheet, and slip on your sexiest lingerie. Don’t save those things for special occasions. Every day you’re present is special!

18. We should prepare for certain things.  But we should also be prepared to just go with the flow!

19. You can express your eccentricities at any time.  Don’t wait until you’re old seasoned to wear a lime-green outfit, pink rain boots and a purple floppy hat.   Be you now!

20. No one is responsible for your happiness except you.

21. When used in the right way, the brain is by far the most stimulating organ of the human body.

22. Know that in a couple of years, a current disaster won’t even register as a blip on your radar.

Your Own Style

Only The Young At Heart Play The Game Of Life

23. Most will agree life is best enjoyed when one loves living it.   Because hating one’s life causes misery, regrets and resentment. Deliberately choose the way you will feel about the life you intend to live.   It can mean the difference between living a life you’ll never regret and regretting a life you’re dying to leave.

24. To heal from a sting in life, practice forgiveness and letting go of the pain associated with it.  You’ll probably never forget it, but you don’t have to remain traumatized by it either.

25. Other people’s opinion of you is there’s to manage. Stay out of their business!

26. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Nobody else does.

27. Never shun growing up in years. Living to a ripe age beats the alternative–dying young!

28. True, we have one childhood, but we can enjoy being child-like at any time!

29. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

30. Stay watchful. Miracles are waiting to be discovered everywhere!

Child's Play

31. Envying others is a precious waste of energy. Instead, be thankful for what you have right now. Hold fast and have the very best expectations.  Then anything you truly desire will be on its way to you in due season.

32. Yes, it’s a fact! The best is yet to come and better eventually follows best!  How can you lose?

33. So what if you’re not feeling it. Get up, put on your best dress up smile or attitude and show up anyway!

34. Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the view!

Feel Better

35. Through your passions, create and share something beautiful for the world.

36. Life isn’t always wrapped in fancy paper and tied together with a big beautiful bow, but it’s still a gift.  Love life!~ Yvonne L. Jones

Gift Wrap Present

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