First Things First

I’m sure you’re wondering how you’ll fit into this grand writing scheme of mine.  Well, you will be my latest, greatest project! I intend to make you think, laugh, wonder, to leave you hanging by a thread, to get curious, happy, excited, inspired and ever so thrilled we met in the first place.  Does this tell you how much I think about your reading pleasure…hmm?  I want to mesmerize you, upset your status quo, pull you out of your comfort zone and then drop you right back into it. I believe this is the quickest way to get to know each other.

Hopefully, you will not be able to stop yourself from talking about the things I’ve done to you and how I did it!  You do know I’m referring to my writing–right?  Seriously, I want to know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling about my work. In this way I can deliver more unique gifts to you for as often as you care to indulge in them.  I’m sensing you don’t have some odd notion that reading is purely academic.

Now What?

Now it’s time for you to do what you do best, satisfy your curiosity. Read, listen to and watch the things I’ve created with you in mind.   Just a side note, I’m not one who limits their writing to one genre; life is just to varied and interesting for me to do that.  I mean who doesn’t love a great who-done-it, mystery/thriller, romance, comedy, poetry, how-to or inspirational book? Exactly! There should be something for everyone and I promise these are the things coming from yours truly! 

Okay, I think I can guess what some of you might be wondering, “Can she deliver on all this?”  Here’s my answer to those inquiring minds just chump’n at the bits to know.  “Watch me.”  I hope my condensed agenda has some what whet your appetite because I’ve got to get back to working on the thing I love. Wondering what that could be? I’ll give you two guesses and the second one doesn’t count.  Enjoy!

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