A New Way, A New Day?

Are You Releasing Or Holding On?

Are you seeking a new way and a new day, but feeling bound by certain habits, rituals, or dogmas? Have you continued to adhere to them even though they add very little to your sense of joy, wonder, and growth?

Do you feel frustrated or angry because you have diligently adhered to certain routines?  You may even admit that you are stuck, so you try harder and work longer with whatever process you’ve started.  

Still, all this activity has not brought you what you want.  Every new day ends up feeling like the same undesired yesterday. What do you feel holds you prisoner in an old disempowered day? Is it teachers, institutions, systems, or ideologies? 

Will you ever discover a new way if you cling to an old one? And exactly who or what quantifies a new way and a new day–you, another, or something else?  Is time your prisoner, or have you been your own judge and jailer?  Can you alone liberate yourself, or will it be done through a collaborative effort with others?

Some have never asked themselves these important questions.  They have been taught to believe something bigger than themselves has the upper hand when it comes to how they choose to live their lives.  For them, it feels like they have no say so in these matters.

I’ve asked seven questions that seem to require seven different answers, but there is only one. The answer is “maybe” which probably seems inadequate because it sounds more like another question. 

However, the word “maybe” is the only answer I can think of for one who has the inborn ability to exercise their free will.  That is, we each have the ability to do or not to do anything.  For every limitation you feel stuck with experiencing, you and only you has the power to seek out, initiate and allow change to occur.

Think about it, do you really want someone else having full control over your wants, desires and actions? News flash!  You haven’t so far!  Sure, sometimes we want help, guidance and input.  However, we are always the one’s accepting or rejecting  whatever is offered to us.  Yes, change is always up to you.  A new way, a new day? Hum…maybe.  But there’s certainly the potential for it!~ Yvonne L. Jones


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