Yvonne Jones


Hi!  Now that you’re here, I’m guessing you’re wondering who is Yvonne Jones, what is she all about and what am I to her?  The first question may take some time to answer (hopefully years) but for a quick overview, let your fingers do a bit of mouse work.  You can learn more of my intentions by clicking me below.

Musings, Insights & Pet Peeves

A New Way, A New Day?
Are You Releasing Or Holding On? Are you seeking a new way and a new day, but feel bound by certain habits, rituals or dogmas? Have you continued to adhere to them even though they add very…

Without The Covering Of Socks

How Covering Bare Feet Changed My Perception of Life Never think you know enough about a person or what they may be going through in life. A covering, or looks for the most part can be deceiving…

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